Book review: Lost boy, by Tim Green

Green, Tim. Lost Boy. Harper Collins, 2015. $16.99 ISBN 9780062317087   299pgs. Grades 5 and up, P7Q7

Green Lost BoyRyder’s mom is struck by a truck and ends up in the hospital with little chance of living. Ryder must figure out who his dad is and hope that his dad can help save his mom’s life.   This was a heart wrenching story and believable.   Ryder does find his dad, who happens to be a pitcher for the Braves, but instead of a happy reunion between father and son, we find that Ryder’s father is shocked over even having a son and initially doesn’t want to help.   This plot makes the story believable.   Ryder’s dad does provide the money that helps save his mother’s life, but also tells him that he can’t be his father.   There is no happy ending with Ryder’s biological dad, but other characters in the book step up to the plate to be Ryder’s father figure.   This book doesn’t have a fairy tale ending, but a believable ending.  May 2015 review by Jo Train.


Book review: First Team, by Tim Green

Green, Tim. First Team. Harper Collins Publishers, 2014. $16.99   ISBN 9780062208750 327 pgs.   Grades 4 and up, P7Q7

Green First TeamThis is a companion story to Tim Green’s New Kid. Brock and his dad are on the run again and end up on the “wrong side of the tracks” in a town called Calhoun. Brock has to prove that he deserves a shot at quarterback, but this turns out to be harder than Brock thinks.   The sport program is all based on who you know, where you live, and who you are. Brock is the new kid, who knows no one, and is not related to any of the coaching staff.   This is a great book that explores the fairness of small town sports and perseverance of a young man who wants a shot in what he loves.   Tim Green is a popular author in my class and at least three students have read this book already!!! March 2015 review by Jo Train.