Book review: Meet the Team, by Summer Greene

Greene, Summer. Meet the Team. (Rainbow Rangers series.) Imprint, 2019. $4.99. ISBN 9781250190314. 30 pages. Ages 3-6. P7 Q6

Do you know all the Rainbow Rangers and their super powers? The Rainbow Rangers are nature’s superheroes who live on a magical land on the other side of the rainbow. Through the Mirror of Marvels, they are able to see what is happening on earth. When there is trouble, the Rangers come to the rescue. This thin paper book introduces all the characters, their superpower, and what makes them unique. Since they live on the other side of a rainbow, it adds imagination to rainbows. The colorful rainbow illustrations will keep the emergent or beginning reader engaged. This is a good companion book to go along with the other Rainbow Rangers books since it introduces each character in-depth. The title, Meet the Team, describes the book perfectly.

Verdict: If your reader is a fan of the Rainbow Rangers animated series on Nick Jr. they will enjoy this book, introducing the characters. The thin pages and paperback cover may not hold up to a classroom or library, but would be good for a reader’s personal library.

November 2019 review by Tami Harris.

Book review: To the Rescue, by Summer Greene, illustrated by Joshua Heinsz

Greene, Summer. To the Rescue. Illustrated by Joshua Heinsz. (Rainbow Rangers series.) Imprint, 2019. $4.99. ISBN 9781250190253. Unpaged. Ages 3-6. P7 Q6

A baby polar bear has floated out to sea away from its mother and the Rainbow Rangers set out to save it. Will the Rainbow Rangers be able to save the polar bear before the ice melts? For those not familiar with the animated Nick Jr. Show, there is a short introduction featuring each rainbow ranger, its name, color and power. One page shows the rangers transforming into their ranger outfits. Each page has a background of blue, pink or yellow. Colorful illustrations are in boxes or circles with the text above, beside or under them. This thin, paperback version includes a punch-out wearable Kaleidocom which is made out of firmer paper.

Verdict:  The quality of the book may not hold up in a classroom or library. Children will love the Kaleidocom to wear around their wrist, but if the book is in a classroom or library, I imagine the first child checking it out will make the Kaleidocom and others will be disappointed they don’t have one as well. That being said, I recommend it for children to have in their own personal libraries. This colorful adventure is a quick and to the point and will hold the interest of small children.

November 2019 review by Tami Harris.

Book review: The Quest for the Confetti Crystal, by Summer Greene, illustrated by Joshua Heinsz and Maxime Lebrun

Greene, Summer. The Quest for the Confetti Crystal. Illustrated by Joshua Heinsz and Maxime Lebrun. (Rainbow Rangers series.) Imprint, 2019. $17.99. ISBN 9781250190338. Unpaged. Ages 3-6 . P7 Q7 

What is more fun than rainbows, parties, balloons, crystals and friends working together? Floof, a prismacorn, usually goes on missions with the other Rainbow Rangers, but this time he has his very own mission. He has to guard the Confetti Crystal while the rangers go on their 100th mission. When Floof realizes the Kaleidocove does not look festive, he makes bubbles and strings bright streamers. Unfortunately, the crystal rolls away, sending it on an adventure full of Fluttercups, Rainbow tunnels, Rainbow halls and a Bunnysus. Will Floof lose the crystal and fail his mission? This picture book was inspired by the animated series on Nick Jr. The Rainbow Rangers names are alliterations and some of the words are filled in with rainbow colors. The background colors are soft, which allows the bright Rainbow Rangers vibrant colors to stand out.

Verdict: Readers who have watched the animated series as well as readers who enjoy rainbows and unicorns will enjoy this adventure. With the theme of teamwork, creativity and inclusivity, this book is on the reader will look at over and over. I recommend it.

November 2019 review by Tami Harris.