Book review: Day at The Beach, by Tom Booth

Booth, Tom. Day at The Beach. Aladdin, 2018. $17.99. ISBN 9781534411050. Unpaged. Ages 4-8. P6 Q7

Every summer Gideon and his sister, Audrey make a sandcastle together. This year, Gideon plans to make a sandcastle by himself. His first castle gets squished by a ball, the next castle is smashed by a kite, the third castle is swept away by the tide, the fourth is a casualty of a passing shower, the fifth flies away with a strong breeze, and the sixth castle? His dog! Looking for a new place where nothing can interrupt him, he finally builds a beautiful castle that everyone loves. It is then that he notices his family building a castle together and he feels lonely. He joins his family and helps them finish their not perfect castle. Beach themed story of relationships being more important than perfection. The illustrations are colorful and match the text. The scenarios depicted in the story are realistic and could easily happen at the beach. Children who have tried to make a sandcastle and have been had various catastrophes can relate to this story. Children want to pull away from their families and make something that is great and their own, but in doing so, they may miss out on working together with others.

Verdict: A warmhearted story that emphasizes the importance of family and that things do not have to be perfect. I recommend this book for libraries serving young children.

June 2018 review by Tami Harris.