Book review: I Want a Real Bike! in Oregon, by Eric A. Kimmel, illustrated by Josh Cleland

Kimmel, Eric A. I Want a Real Bike! In Oregon. Illustrated by Josh Cleland. Westwinds Press, 2018. $17.99. ISBN 9781513261270. Unpaged. Ages 6-8. P8 Q8

When you think about a bike, what comes to your mind? Did you know there are more than 10 different types of bikes? A raccoon has outgrown its bike and would like a “real” bike. It dreams of all the different types of bikes it could ride through Oregon. Each page describes a different bike, including a mountain bike, BMX bike, racing bike, tandem bike, cargo bike, fixie, road bike, cruiser bike, recumbent bike, and a folding bike. As the raccoon describes each bike, it rides through a variety of scenic parts of Oregon. The last page shows a porcupine riding a big wheel bike with a banner reading “naked bike ride” and the raccoon is throwing off its shirt with a grin on its face. The raccoon’s parents’ facial expressions are of surprise as they watch the animals ride by. The illustrations are beautiful and show the raccoon riding through each place, portraying Oregon accurately. The last page features seven things to consider when you chose a bike. The “Oregon Bike Rides & Events for Family” page highlights fifteen events in Oregon for families to participate in.

Verdict: If you are from Oregon or are interested in Oregon, I highly recommend this book. It features interesting places in Oregon along with bikes. If your child is interested in biking, this book is a fun way to explore different types of bikes along with Oregon scenery. Even though this book is geared for children, I think adults who like to ride bikes will enjoy it as well.

May 2018 review by Tami Harris.