Book reviews: Grin and Bear It: The Wit and Wisdom of Corduroy, based on the characters created by Don Freeman, pictures by Don Freeman and Judy Wheeler

Grin and Bear It: The Wit & Wisdom of Corduroy. Based on the characters created by Don Freeman. Pictures by Don Freeman and Judy Wheeler. Viking, 2018. $12.99. ISBN 9780451479297. Unpaged. Ages 7+. P6 Q7

If you are familiar with the children’s story, Corduroy, you will enjoy Grin and Bear it: The Wit & Wisdom of Corduroy. This small book is not a story but is filled with words of encouragement based on the story and illustrations of Corduroy. One page contains words of wisdom and encouragement and the facing page contains illustrations taken from the book Corduroy. From “Love what you see in the mirror” to “Never forget who you are and never forget who loves you,” I found the small book comforting and uplifting. Each page can be read on its own or straight through. Some of the words of wisdom may be a bit advanced for young children, but adults can explain the meaning.

Verdict: If I read this book to children, I would read Corduroy first so they would have a reference and the book would be more meaningful. Older children as well as adults will enjoy this book since it has familiar illustrations and words of encouragement that will warm their hearts. Corduroy was one of my daughter’s favorite books. As an adult, she enjoyed this small book of wisdom.

April 2018 review by Tami Harris.