Book review: Little Taco Truck, by Tanya Valentine, illustrated by Jorge Martin

Valentine, Tanya. Little Taco Truck. Illus. by Jorge Martin. Schwartz & Wade, 2019. $16.99. unp. ISBN 978-1-5247-6585-9. Ages 4-7. P9Q9

Little Taco Truck has a profitable and happy life selling his food to workers building high rises in the city until he is slowly crowded out by other trucks selling a variety of ethnic food. Miss Falafel came first, followed by Jumbo Gumbo and then Annie’s Arepas. With no place left for him, Little Taco Truck plans to arrive in the night and claim his spot. The other trucks apologize for crowding him out and even make room for Oodles of Noodles the next day. The glossary defines six types of food on the trucks.

Verdict: The theme of accepting different ethnic groups is gloriously illustrated by bright digital colors that demonstrate the trucks’ different personalities, and the representation of the workers as different animal species gives a quirky touch to the plot.

January 2019 review by Nel Ward.

Book review: Food Trucks!, by Mark Todd

Todd, Mark. Food Trucks! Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. $16.99. ISBN 9780544157842. Unp. Ages 4-8. P6Q7.

Todd Food TrucksThis is an odd but interesting book. Each spread talks about a different kind of food truck (or more specifically, a different kind of food). Some examples are sushi, burgers, salads, falafel, etc. The detailed illustrations show different aspects of each of these. Next to each illustration is a poem that says more about the food, and there are also interesting facts on the other side (August 24 is National Waffle Day). I think this book would be useful in a classroom talking about food customs in the US.

February 2015 review by Carol Schramm.