Book review: The Twelve Days of Christmas, illustrated by Emma Randall

Randall, Emma. The Twelve Days of Christmas. Penguin Workshop, 2017. $16.99. ISBN 978-0-515-15763-5. 32 pgs. Ages 3-9. P7 Q9

Beautiful illustrations accompany this holiday classic and give it new life. Each page is filled with gifts of the 12 days of Christmas. Illustrator, Emma Randall does a phenomenal job of recreating a story that has been done many times in a new and beautiful version.

Verdict: This would be a wonderful addition to any school or home library. The thick pages and beautiful illustrations are engaging and make this a sturdy book that could be enjoyed for many years to come. The popularity rating of 7 is due to engaging pictures in a holiday classic. The quality rating of 9 is due to the high quality binding and engaging illustrations.

November 2017 review by Michelle Cottrell


Book review: The 12 Days of Christmas, by Greg Pizzoli

Pizzoli, Greg. The 12 Days of Christmas. Disney Hyperion, 2017. $16.99. ISBN 978-148475031-5. 48 pgs. Ages 3-8. P9 Q8

A fun twist on an old favorite. The original text accompanies illustrations of a young elephant who is given gifts by another young elephant. Meanwhile the child’s parent watches on with increasing alarm as the gifts become more numerous and intrusive.

Verdict: I love the illustrations! They are simple yet full of wonderful expression, especially by the parent who isn’t too sure what to do with 10 lords a leaping or any of the other gifts. I found myself giggling throughout and enjoyed the story from a new perspective. I gave this book a popularity rating of 9 because of the illustrator’s other works which would make this a more desirable book fans of his work as well as the humor factor which make it a fun read aloud. I gave it a Quality rating of 8 because of the illustrations and fun perspective.

November 2017 review by Michelle Cottrell