Book review: Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything, by Chelsea H. Rowe, illustrated by Frank Dormer

Rowe, Chelsea H. Ebenezer Has a Word for Everything. Illustrated by Frank Dormer. Peachtree, 2018. 32 pages. $17.95. ISBN 978-1561458486. Ages 5-8. P9 Q9

Ebenezer loves words. He writes them all down and tries to share them with his family, who are not very interested. He keeps adding to his vocabulary, and each page shows the word and also the illustration. Finally, he finds someone who loves words as much as he does, and then they share many words, slong with the companionship of sharing this interest. The text is fun and has a great sense of humor, and shows how much fun unusual words can be.

VERDICT- This was immensely fun. I enjoyed the great sense of humor on the pages, which made learning the words fun and interesting. I think inquisitive children who enjoy words and exploring new things will find this book interesting and will learn some new words. There is even a list of Ebenezer’s words used in the book on the final page.

January 2020 review by Lynne Wright.