Book review: The Search for TK, by Bobbi J.G. Weiss

Weiss, Bobbi J. G. The Search for TK. (Ride series, #3) Candlewick Entertainment, 2018. $7.99. ISBN 9780763698577. 263 pages. Ages 12+. P7 Q6

Kit’s horse, TK has been taken away because he is dangerous. For Kit, who had to overcome obstacles to ride her horse, it is devastating. The main plot revolves around finding a way to get TK back. As Kit is doing research for a project, she realizes some information she knew about her mother (who passed away before book 1) is not true, which leads to some loose ends and a mystery that might be resolved in the next sequel. The first few chapters summarize what has happened in book one and two. Without reading the first two books the reader doesn’t fully grasp the relationships between the various characters. The book does not have a lot of substance; however, it will appeal to youth who like horses. Though the book is the third book in the series, it can stand alone. The book sets up for another sequel.

Verdict: Since the book is made from a Nickelodeon movie, it may be popular with teens. I found the book shallow and not of much substance.

November 2018 review by Tami Harris.


Book review: Competing for The Cup, by Bobbi J.G. Weiss

Weiss, Bobbi J. G. Competing for The Cup. (Ride series.) Candlewick Entertainment, 2018. $7.99. ISBN 9780763698553. 267pages. Ages 12-16. P7 Q5

Based on the Nickelodeon series: Ride. In Competing for the Cup, Kit’s father is injured by falling timbers in the barn. Will and his friends put a dummy (from the first book) in a loft in the barn, causing the accident. Kit’s interest in Will continues from the first book but is threatened when she finds out that Will is to blame for her father’s accident. Someone leaves her clues on how to successfully ride her horse, TK, using sticky notes. She thinks the person is Will, but is it? Meanwhile, her friend Anya has a secret and she thinks she knows what it is. A sequel for Ride: Kit meets Covington, Book 2 in the Ride series as seen on Nickelodeon. This book can stand alone, but you will miss the past rival between Kit and Elaine along with other details that leave the book incomplete. Without the first book, some of the actions of the characters do not make sense.

Verdict: If you have watched the television series, you may be interested in the book. With the incomplete story line and lack of fully developed characters, this book is an easy read, but pointless.

April 2018 review by Tami Harris.

Book review: Kit Meets Covington, by Bobby J.G. Weiss

Weiss, Bobby J.G. Kit Meets Covington. (Ride series, book 1) Candlewick Entertainment, 2017. $7.99. ISBN 9780763698355. 269 Pages. Ages 12 +. P7 Q7

Based on the Nickelodeon series Ride: Kit Meets Covington. After her mother’s death, Kit and her father move to Covington Academy, a prestigious boarding school in England, where she meets new friends and figures out how to navigate life in a new country. Kit bonds with a wild horse, TK, and makes a plan to save the horse from being shipped away from the school. The book does not reference Kit’s mother, which makes the reader wonder what happened to her. In the beginning of the story, the author references Kit’s friend, Charlie, but only in the first few chapters. There are a few unresolved conflicts. I think it makes a better movie than book. The book focuses on Kit riding TK, but the book ends before the competition occurs. More details on what happened to her mom, follow up with her friend Charlie and resolved conflicts would improve the book. It is almost like you are coming into a story already in progress that ends before the story is over. It is set up for a sequel, but can stand alone.

Verdict: If you have seen the movie, you might enjoy the book. Beautiful photo on the front of the book with Kit and TK, Covington in the background, and glossy photos in the middle of the book will appeal to young teens.

December 2017 review by Tami Harris

Book review: Peg + Cat: The Big Dog Problem, by Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson

Oxley, Jennifer and Billy Aronson. Peg + Cat: The Big Dog Problem. (Level 2 Reader)  Candlewick Entertainment, 2017. $4.99. ISBN 9780763697907. 42 Pages. Ages 5-8. P7 Q8

Follow Peg and Cat as they figure out how to mail five letters. Peg and Cat divide the five letters in many ways. On their way to mailing the letter, they encounter a problem…a BIG problem. Using math, drawing plans, and through trial and error, they figure out a way to mail their letters. Peg + Cat is based on the Emmy award-winning animated TV series that uses math skills to solve problems. It is a level 2 reader and great for the developing reader. The illustrations match the text and enhance the story.

Verdict: With four chapters, spacing between the words, and a nice mix of easy and challenging words, this book will be a great addition to any young children’s library. Not only will your child build his/her confidence reading he/she will also learn to manipulate numbers.

December 2017 review by Tami Harris