Book review: Cycle City, by Alison Farrell

Farrell, Alison. Cycle City. Chronicle Books, 2018. $17.99. ISBN 9781452163345. Unpaged. Ages 2-7. P7 Q7

If you like all types of bicycles, this is the book for you! A parade committee made up of five pigs need to deliver invitations for the Starlight parade. The Mayor, a snail, offers to deliver the invitations. As the Mayor delivers the invitations, questions in the text invite the reader to find animals and items on each page. The Mayor travels from the train station to downtown, in the park, by food bikes, at the canal, and over the bridge. This book features colorful illustrations of animals riding different types of bicycles as they gather to ride in the parade. The end pages label many types of bicylces, giving the reader additional knowledge. This is Farrell’s first book, she lives in Portland Oregon.

Verdict: The first word that enters my mind with this book is engaging. Children can spend a lot of time looking at each page. I do not recommend it for a read aloud to a group of children due to the speaking bubbles on the pages, busy illustrations, and things to find, but it is ideal for reading one on one with a child. Children will notice new things each time they read the book.

April 2018 review by Tami Harris.