Book review: The Three Little Superpigs: Once Upon a Time, by Claire Evans

Evans, Claire. The Three Little Superpigs: Once Upon a Time. Scholastic Press, 2017. $14.99. ISBN 9781338245486. Unpaged. Ages 2-6 P7 Q7

A new twist on an old tale! The three pigs are back, dreaming of becoming superheroes.  After collecting all sorts of superhero swag, Mother Pig suggests it is time to find homes of their own. They set forth, decked out in superhero attire, to their new destination: Fairyland. It is here the pigs find a challenge worthy of their superhero aspirations. Fairyland is being terrorized by the Big Bad Wolf. Readers get to see Little Red Riding Hood, Mary and Her Little Lamb, Gingerbread Man and other traditional fairy tale characters. Before they can rescue the town, the pigs must build their homes. The rest of the story follows the original tale.

Verdict: A cute story for a young audience. This would make a fun read aloud at story time. I can also see this being used to teach about the power of working together.

November 2019 review by Denyse Marsh.

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