Book review: The Sonic Breach, by Victor Appleton

Appleton, Victor. The Sonic Breach. (Tom Swift Inventors’ Academy series, book 2). Aladdin, 2019. $17.99. ISBN 9781534436343. 130 pages. Ages 8-12. P8 Q8 

Modern technology and mystery collide to create a riveting adventure that will keep readers engaged to the very end. Tom Swift attends Swift Academy of Science and Technology, which his father funds. Tom and his friends made their own robots for a robot battle in the gym during robotics class. The students are annoyed by all the pop quizzes their teachers are giving them. While Tom is in class, he hears mosquito ring tones. His friend Amy has created the Pop Chop app to alert other students when a teacher is going to give a pop quiz. However, what started out as an innocent app soon goes awry. This adventure will not only keep readers engaged, it also inserts advice such as, failing is not a bad thing, one can learn from mistakes, which enforces growth mindset. I learned that mosquito ring tones are a real thing, as the book describes. It has even been made into a cellphone ringtone so teachers can’t hear the teen’s phone ringing. This series is a kid friendly relaunch of the Tom Swift series, when Tom comes back as a middle schooler. The Tom Swift saga is comprised of 6 series. The original series 1910-1941, the second series, Tom Swift Jr 1954-1971, the third series, Tom Swift lll 1981-1984, the fourth series, Tom Swift lV 1991-1993, the fifth series, Tom Swift, Young Inventor 2006-2007, and lastly,  the sixth series, Tom Swift Inventors Academy 2019. There are two more books planned to be released in this series.

 Verdict: Another winning novel, the second in the Tom Swift Inventor’s Academy series, this book is able to stand alone. If you like the Hardy Boys and Alex Rider, you will enjoy this adventure. Themes of friendship, teamwork, honest, courage and following one’s moral compass are strong.  From the cover that shows action to the very last page, readers will be enraptured. I highly recommend this book for all libraries.

September 2019 review by Tami Harris.

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