Book review: The Dragon Bots, Russ Bolts, illustrated by Jay Cooper

Bolts, Russ. Bots: The Dragon Bots. Illustrated by Jay Cooper. (Bots series, book 4). Little Simon, 2019. $16.99. ISBN 9781534444201. 123 pages. Ages 5-9. P7 Q7

Dragons, robots, fire-breathing dragon bots, and a galaxy concert will entertain readers. Scientists put cameras in rockets that blasted to space where they found Bots on Mecha Base One. The Bots play a Robo-Action Role-Playing game with a fire breathing dragon invasion. This book contains 10 chapters, black and white graphic novel art, easy-to-read language, and short simple sentences. Booger humor may appeal to some readers. It is a quick read, with repetitive text. It repeats the word “Dragon” many times. The illustrations will keep even a reluctant reader engaged.

Verdict: If you have reluctant or emerging readers, this graphic novel may pique their interest and encourage them to read. Even though it is book 4 in the series, the first chapter explains what Bots are and brings the reader up to speed.  E book edition also available.

September 2019 review by Tami Harris.

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