Book review: The Farmer, by Ximo Abadia, translated by Grace Maccarone

Abadia, Ximo. The Farmer. Holiday House, 2019. Translated by Grace Maccarone. $17.99. ISBN 9780823441587.  Unpaged. Ages 3-6. P6Q7

Paul is a farmer. And like most farmers, he never rests. He is working from dawn until dusk, and when the rain doesn’t come, he despairs for his crops. The rain does come, though, and all is well. I really enjoyed this odd book. The text is simple and spare, and the illustrations seem childlike at first, but they actually have a lot of humor in them (especially the mole holes that have moles, and as the book progresses, we see Pauls in the holes too- keeping watch over his farm) and are quite clever. The spread with the huge orange sun beating down on the poor seedlings makes a big impression. Originally published in French in 2017.

VERDICT: This book would be a good story about farm life to read to a child who likes to look closely at details.

May 2019 review by Carol Schramm.


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