Book review: The Hidden Witch, by Molly Knox Ostertag

Ostertag, Molly Knox. The Hidden Witch. Scholastic, 2018. $12.99. 202p. ISBN 978-1-338-25375-7. Ages 10-14. P8Q8

In the sequel to The Witch Boy, Aster joins girls in classes for witchery after his struggle to gain permission for training allocated only to females, but he needs to catch up with the lessons he has missed. His grandmother offers to tutor him but only if he helps cure his great-uncle, Mikasi, who almost destroyed the family after he was taken over by dark magic. Aster’s friend, a distrustful foster child suffering from bullying, is also beset with the dark magic by a new student at school, Ariel, who doesn’t understand that her new protector is actually a harmful shadow form. To save his friends, Aster needs to face the Mikasi’s black magic. Forced to face their fears, characters in this graphic novel make their own decisions—Aster breaks gender stereotypes, his cousin stops shapeshifting in defiance of the family pattern, and Ariel develops faith in others.

Verdict: This second novel is even stronger than the first, continuing with excitement while confronting problems of bullying and personal growth in a warm family setting depicted by rich, bright colors.

January 2019 review by Nel Ward.

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