Book review: The Lotterys More or Less, by Emma Donoghue, illustrated by Caroline Hadilaksono

Donoghue, Emma. The Lotterys More or Less. Illus. by Caroline Hadilaksono. Arthur A. Levine, 2018. $17.99. 285p. ISBN 978-1-338-20753-8. Ages 9-12. P7Q8

The family of 11 plus a grouchy grandfather that includes a gay couple and a lesbian couple, first seen in The Lotterys Plus One, has returned in a Christmas adventure when the loss of electricity, first for their neighbors and then for themselves, mixes with the need to care for a visitor from Brazil who damaged his eye while sledding behind a car. In this book about a diverse group, two are missing–one of the fathers and the older son are trying to trying to return from a visit to India in the midst of the storm.

Verdict: Since the first book in the series, Donoghue has found a voice and direction, and the author spends less time working with the introduction of the characters. With less wordplay, the narration moves more smoothly, and the nine-year-old narrator shows how a disaster can result in the building of a community.

February 2019 review by Nel Ward.

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