Book review: Sharks: Nature’s Perfect Hunter, by Joe Flood

Flood, Joe. Sharks: Nature’s Perfect Hunter. [Science Comics]. First Second, 2018. $12.99. 122p. ISBN 978-1-62672-788-5. Ages 8-12. P8Q8

Fascinating facts about type of sharks, animals that go back 400 million years, coupled with the colorful, exuberant drawings typical of this series. Information includes characteristics of different shark species from the gentle Nurse Shark to the Great White, their history, adaptations, anatomy, etc. The information loosely hangs on a story about the captain of a fishing boat searching for sharks and a passenger who corrects his errors. The introduction by marine conservation biologist David Shiffman discusses concern about sharks as an endangered species and  the story expands on the issue, dispelling some of the fears that people have about these animals.

Verdict: One of the most accessible books in the series with one of the most inviting topics.

April/May 2018 review by Nel Ward.


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