Book review: Journeys: Tales of Travel and Trailblazers, by Jonathan Litton, illustrated by Chris Chalik and others

Litton, Jonathan. Journeys: Tales of Travel and Trailblazers. Illus. by Chris Chalik, Dave Shepard, Jon Davis, Leo Hartas. 360 Degrees/Tiger Tales, 2018. $24.99. 96p. ISBN 978-1-944530-13-6. Ages 10-14. P6Q4

These heavily illustrated two-page spreads give brief summaries of long journeys over water and land from the 23rd century BC to a trip to the moon in the 20th century. Cream paper provide backgrounds for illustrations that vary in colors—lavender, orange, blue, and green—with black ink drawings.

Verdict: Superficial, the book fails to treat problems of explorers invading other countries; i.e., the destruction that Christopher Columbus wreaked on the Taino culture, calling his trip there “an incredible cross-cultural conversation.” A pleasant, albeit superficial, look at human adventures. The narrative also tries to drum up excitement with words such as “mysterious” and “wild.” Recommended for large collections.

May 2018 review by Nel Ward.


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