Book review: Economic Inequality: The American Dream under Siege, by Coral Celeste Frazer

Frazer, Coral Celeste. Economic Inequality: The American Dream under Siege. Twenty-First Century/Lerner, 2018. 127p. ISBN 978-1-51243107-0. Ages 12-15. P5Q9

The 21st century in the United States has marked the greatest growth of economic inequality in a century as CEOs of large companies make hundreds of times what most people in the nation bring home in wages. The six chapters of this book cover the subject’s history from Colonial times, explanation of the extent of inequality in both finances and opportunity frequently because of gender and race, the problems that arise from this inequality, and suggestions for changing this paradigm. The layout helps the clarity of the narrative

Verdict: Like any book with statistics, many of these are already out of date, but a teacher could assign students the task of updating the information. A truly frightening view of how and why the nation is so out of sync with the concept of freedom and equality that everyone should read.

May 2018 review by Nel Ward.


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