Book review: Drawn from Nature, by Helen Ahpornsiri

Ahpornsiri, Helen. Drawn from Nature. BBP/Candlewick, 2018. $22.00 60p. ISBN 978-0-7636-9898-0. Ages 8+. P9Q10

Without the illustrations, this book is a lyrical tribute to the four seasons, each treated in a separate chapter. The paragraphs on each of the double-page spreads demonstrates knowledge and passion about the subjects without making it too complex although some of the explanations—for example, photosynthesis—might be more difficult for younger readers. It is the artwork, however, that makes this book stand out. The British author/illustrator who became known on Etsy has used her usual illustrations from tiny hand-pressed leaves, seeds, and flower petals for the images of animals and plants without lines and set against white and black backgrounds.

Verdict: Harvest mice in the meadow, swallows swooping, crickets chirping—lyrical language matches the exquisite illustrations in an amazing blend of science and art that leads to long periods of savoring the book’s contents.

May 2018 review by Nel Ward.


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