Book review: The Rattled Bones, by S. M. Parker

Parker, S. M.  The Rattled Bones.  Simon Pulse, 2017.  ISBN 978-1-4804-8204-2. $17.99. 365 pages.  Ages 14-18.  P8 Q8.

A paranormal novel about the previous inhabitants of Malaga Island, Maine, whom were evicted from the island by the government purely to draw tourists to a brand new hotel they intended, but never actually built.  Seems well thought out and historically accurate.  The cover art is ok.  It led me to believe a girl had drowned in a pond.

An eighteen year old daughter of a fisherman is working through the sudden death of her father, the question of whether or not to go on to college in the fall or stay home with her grandmother and continue her father’s fishing business, and the sudden appearance of a ghost in the form of a young woman.   Her long-time boyfriend clearly wants her to stay home, and her grandmother is pushing her to go and the ghost is clearly, and sometimes painfully, trying to tell her something.

Because the novel is written for young adults, I didn’t appreciate the 18 year old boyfriend spending every night climbing up the trellis to his girlfriend’s bedroom to spend the night for the last several years.  The grandmother knows of this arrangement, but the father apparently doesn’t.  What?!  How does a parent not realize there is a man sneaking into his house every night?  There are no sexual encounters in the book, but it is very much implied that there has been and could be.

Verdict:  Really enjoyed the history and the story overall.  Disappointed in the author’s presentation of a caring father, who is actually clueless.

May 2018 review by Terri Lippert


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