Book review: The Keeper of the Mist, by Rachel Neumeier

Neumeier, Rachel.  The Keeper of the Mist.  Alfred A. Knopf, 2016.  ISBN 978-0-553-50928-1.  391 pages.  Ages 12-17.  P8Q8

A unique rendition of the typical fantasy story of the unknown daughter becoming queen of the land.  The story is well thought out and delivered with unique characters and roles, even if the story itself isn’t unique.

Keri has recently been crowned Queen of Nimmira, a land covered in a protective mist to keep covetous eyes away.   Keri soon realizes the protective mists are failing and must work to discover why and how to repair them.

My only complaint with the novel is some of the vocabulary the author chose to use, such as “aspersion” and “insouciance”.  The terms are not mainstream and required a dictionary.  Not a bad thing in theory, but seems as though the author has too close of a relationship with her thesaurus.

Verdict:  Great story, especially for those who like to enrich their vocabulary.

May 2018 review by Terri Lippert


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