Book review: Mouse, by Zebo Ludvicek

Ludvicek, Zebo.  Mouse.  Putnam, 2017.  ISBN 978-1-101-99636-2.  $16.99.  40 Pages.  Ages 3-5.  P8Q9

Letter M sees that Mouse has a bright red cherry, which looks very yummy, so asks for a bite.  Mouse, after some persuading, agrees to share his cherry with the Letter M.  Because M ate the whole cherry M invites Mouse to take bites of him.  In doing so Mouse creates new letters.  M speaks predominantly with words starting with the letter it is at the time.  In the beginning M words, Munch, Marvelous, Myself, and Wow, when he’s upside down.  Once his form changes, his words change.  Nibble and Nod when it’s an N and so on.

A beautiful book created by digital mixed media with bold graphics on a white or pale blue background.  The mouse on the cover is adorable and is what drew me to the book.

Verdict: Good story for pre-school children about making mistakes and making up for them while learning some interesting ways to change a letter into new letter.

May 2018 review by Terri Lippert.


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