Book review: Reaper, by Kyra Leigh

Leigh, Kyra. Reaper. Paula Wiseman Books, 2017.  $18.99. ISBN: 978-1481471961. 256p.  Gr.7-9. P8 Q8

One thing you should know right away, before you start reading this book: you will cry. A lot.  Get the tissues handy.  This odd tale is about a girl who dies but will be stuck in the revolving door between life and death until she goes back to earth and collects 3 souls as a Reaper.  Disregarding the rules for proper reaper behavior, she falls in love with a live being. Sort of predictable, but her character is so real that it is still interesting.  There were a lot of times where the book seemed like a drier version of my favorite show, “Dead Like Me.”  I’m not sure it would help someone who was grieving over a death, but it did remind me to look hard at my relationships and to treasure each day.

May 2018 review by NHS student.


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