Book reviews: The Big Bed, by Bunmi Laditan, pictures by Tom Knight

Laditan, Bunmi, and Tom Knight. The Big Bed. Farrar Straus Giroux, 2018. ISBN: 978-0-374-301231. Unpaged. Ages 4-8. P7 Q7

In this charmingly illustrated story, a young girl presents her father with a proposal as to why he must vacate the “big bed” and allow her and Mommy to sleep together. She offers evidence for her argument; he is not afraid of the dark; there are benefits to her “accidents,” and how uncomfortable it is for him to have to scrunch down into the corner to give her and Mommy enough room. She even offers him an alternative sleeping arrangement. In the end, we see the three of them together, but we don’t know how convincing her argument was.

This is a cute story for children who still seek out the comfort of sleeping with their parents in the “big bed.” The arguments the little girl presents are humorous and the illustrations are colorful and add flavor to the story. The faces of the characters add to the humor.

VERDICT: This is a fun book for younger children and would make a humorous read aloud. It would also serve well in a classroom as a mentor text for how to write an argument.

May 2018 review by Sudi Stodola.


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