Book review: Little Bot and Sparrow, by Jake Parker

Parker, Jake. Little Bot and Sparrow. Roaring Brook Press, 2016. Unpaged. $17.99. ISBN: 978-1-62672-367-2.  Ages 3-6. P7 Q8.

When Little Bot is discarded, he has nothing to do. Fortunately, along comes a sparrow who decides to take him under her wing. They explore the forest together and Little Bot learns about many new things, including bees, bears, and caves with beautiful secrets. When Sparrow must fly south for the winter, Little Bot learns that he can do impossible things in his dreams.

The illustrations in this tale of friendship are detailed and funny. The text is simple, and the illustrations fill in the rest. Children reading this story may be reminded of friends or relatives who have gone away, and the message that we keep our loved ones in our hearts.

VERDICT: A sweet tale of friendship with illustrations that will entertain little ones.

May 2018 review by Sudi Stodola.


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