Book review: Behind Closed Doors, by Miriam Halahmy

Halahmy, Miriam. Behind Closed Doors. Holiday House, 2017. 208p. $16.95 ISBN: 978-0823436415. Gr. 9+. P6 Q8

Josie and Tasha are from the opposite ends of the economic spectrum and don’t socialize at school. Tasha’s mom has a boyfriend who is trying to lure Tasha, and Josie is trying hard to intervene with her mom’s hoarding.  One night, after Josie’s mom is in jail, Tasha leaves her dangerous situation and moves into Josie’s crowded house. Suddenly, they find themselves stuck in similar situations and they need each other’s support.  This book was very relatable to me and gave me insights into real situations kids face every day. Though it was hard to read at times, the book ends on a positive note and shows how important friendship is.

April 2018 review by NHS student.


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