Book review: Dolls of War, by Shirley Parenteau

Parenteau, Shirley. Dolls of War. (Friendship Dolls, book 3). Candlewick Press, 2017. $16.99 ISBN 9780763690694. 310 pages. Ages 8-12. P7Q8

This historical fiction story has an intriguing plot with appeal for both boys and girls. Set in Oregon, in 1941, the book addresses the racial prejudice against the Japanese during World War II. Macy, a fifth grade student, has a special relationship, nurtured by her mother, with a Japanese Friendship Doll. The doll becomes a symbol of hatred in town. The storyline includes realistic classroom dynamics that occur when children are faced with a divisive event.

VERDICT: The historical detail of this book has much to teach; I recommend this book for both the
classroom and the library.

May 2018 review by Denyse Marsh.


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