Book review: Children are Naughty, by Vincent Cuvellier and Aurélie Guillerey

Cuvellier, Vincent and Aurélie Guillerey. Children are Naughty. Flying Eye Books, 2012. $17.95. ISBN 978-1-909263-26-0. Ages 5-9. P7Q7

Translated from French, this first English edition tells how naughty children really are “naughty” except for one time, only one.  Hitting and biting, pulling hair, coloring outside the lines, children really are naughty right?

VERDICT: This would be a good primary read aloud to talk about expected behaviors.

December 2017 review by Patty Dodson.

[Editor’s note: This picture book follows in the tradition of stories like the German Struwwelpeter, or Hilaire Belloc’s cautionary tales about children who come to a bad end because of their misbehavior.  As such, the dry humor may not appeal to young children, though their parents may appreciate it.]


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