Book review: Another Castle: Grimoire, by Andrew Wheeler, illustrated by Pauline Ganucheau

Wheeler, Andrew.  Another Castle: Grimoire. Illustrated by Pauline Ganucheau. Oni Press, 2017. 134 pgs. $15.99. ISBN 9781620103111. Ages 11+. P8Q8.

Princess Misty of Beldora looks like a stereotypical princess in her girly pastel clothing, and everyone thinks she will marry the handsome Prince Pete and live happily ever after. But she really doesn’t want to do that. She wants to have an exciting life, and wonders why a princess can’t defend the kingdom as well as a prince (it turns out it’s a rule in Don Diego’s Book of Conduct). Evil Lord Badlug kidnaps her and takes her to the neighboring kingdom of Grimoire. Misty encounters a variety of people/ monsters who help her defeat Badlug, and in the process save the people of Grimoire and Beldora too. I enjoyed this book for the variety of its characters- there are various races, species, and sexual orientations represented, and the story is told with good humor, and the illustrations are bright, detailed and fun.

VERDICT: I think this book will be popular with our teen readers, especially those who like some humor mixed with their adventure.

April 2018 review by Carol Schramm.


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