Book review: My Best Friend is a Goldfish, by Mark Lee, illustrated by Chris Jevons

Lee, Mark. My Best Friend is a Goldfish. Illustrated by Chris Jevons. Carolrhoda Books, 2018. $17.99. ISBN 9781512426014. Unpaged. Ages 4-8. P8 Q8

Do friends need to be play together all the time, enjoy the same things, and always get along? A boy is an astronaut and his friend is a pirate. When he realizes that he does not always get along with his best friend, he looks for a new friend elsewhere. He tries to be best friends with his dog, cat, hamster, and goldfish while doing everything they do. It is comical to see how the boy tries to eat from a dog dish and be the same as his animal friends. He discovers that friends do not need to be exactly alike to be best friends. Just as cookies and milk are different, friends can be different also. The illustrations match the text and add to the boy’s adventure, drawing the reader into his imaginative world.

Verdict: This lighthearted, colorful, slightly comical story would be a good addition to any children’s library. Children often want their friends to only play with them and to play the same things they want to play.  In a humorous way, readers will learn the importance of accepting others even if they are not exactly like them.

March 2018 review by Tami Harris.


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