Book review: Build Your Own Boats, by Rob Ives

Ives, Rob. Build Your Own Boats. “Makerspace Models series.” Hungry Tomato, 2018. $26.65. ISBN 9781512459692. 32 pages.  Ages 8-11. P7 Q8

Have you ever wanted to build your own boat model, but didn’t know where to start? Build Your Own Boats takes you step by step, using items that you already have around the house or inexpensive items, to build 8 watercraft models. The book starts with a “safety first” section and contains top tips, how it works, real-world engineering and photographs of the lists of supplies and detailed steps required to make each model. Not only do you learn how to make the watercraft, you learn all about it. Some models require a few items you have on hand, other models require some items you will need to buy. The models range from easy to a little more difficult. Even if the reader is not engineer minded, they will be able to follow the instructions and make the models.

Verdict: I am not a huge boat fan, but I found the models interesting and curious if they would actually float. A book for boating enthusiast, explaining in simple terms the engineering principles that makes the models move. An asset to any elementary school age library. My nieces are excited to make these models and to try them out in their pool.

March 2018 review by Tami Harris.


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