Book review: Best Pirate, by Kari-Lynn Winters, illustrations by Dean Griffiths

Winters, Kari-Lynn.  Best Pirate. Illustrations by Dean Griffiths. Pajama Press Inc., 2017. $17.95. ISBN 978-1-77278-019-2. 32 pgs. Ages 3-8. P6 Q5

On the first page we meet Augusta, a puppy pirate who can’t seem to do the right thing no matter how hard she tries. On an adventure to prove herself worthy to her father the Captain she ends up face to face with her enemy, one of the dreaded Pirate Cats.

Verdict: I was ready to love this book with its mixture of pirates and animals but found myself disappointed. The story seemed to be leading to a lesson of kindness and friendship then failed to deliver. I gave this book a Popularity Rating of 6. Though I don’t think it is one of the better Pirate or Animal genre picture books it is a popular genre and is sure to have some readers who enjoy it. I gave the quality a 5 because I love the illustrations but feel the arrangement of the text is confusing and a bit jumbled.

November 2017 review by Michelle Cottrell


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