Book review: Barefoot Books World Atlas, by Nick Crane, illustrated by David Dean

Crane, Nick. Illustrated by David Dean. Barefoot Books World Atlas. Barefoot Books, 2011. ISBN 9781846863332. 47 pages Ages 3-12. P7 Q8

This is an in-depth, illustrated atlas meant to introduce young readers to the story of planet Earth and how it has been mapped in recent history. It begins with a discussion of the solar system, human evolution, and mapmaking. Then each ocean and landmass is presented by region in fully illustrated pages. In addition to geographical boundaries, we are shown cultural, historical, and biologically relevant objects from every part of the world. The text is organized into sections for each ocean or landmass: physical features, climate and weather, natural resources, environment, wildlife, and transport. This creates an informative book with content that is easily referenced. Following the main text of the book is a glossary and an index. There  is also an illustrated atlas poster with information about animal and human migrations included in the back of the book. World Atlas is an organized, approachable introduction to geography and world cultures.

Verdict: Recommended for young readers in a home or guided classroom setting. Fold-out pages and paper flaps may not be practical for public or school library use.

June 2017 review by Lillian Curanzy.


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