Book review: No Tooting at Tea, by Alastair Heim, illustrated by Sara Not

Heim, Alastair.  No Tooting at Tea. Illustrated by Sara Not. Clarion Books, 2017. $16.99. ISBN 9780544774742. Unpaged. Ages 3-7. P8 Q8.

Listing rules for having a perfect tea party becomes quiet humorous as “toots” repeatedly interrupt the hostess during her explanations to her two child friends, toys, and pets.  Colorful illustrations of the silly children, one with tights (leggings) on her head like a hat, bring joy to a reader.  The rule numbers are framed on a page with a fun patterned background illustration. A cat and a dog show emotions and express the feelings responding to the toots.  The butterflies are another beautiful touch bringing energy to the illustrations.

Verdict: It is a fun engaging book for a young reader and good addition to a library. 

June 2017 review by Deborah Gwynn.


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