Book review: Looking Up! The Science of Stargazing, by Joe Rao, illustrated by Mark Borgions

Rao, Joe. Looking Up! The Science of Stargazing. Illustrated by Mark Borgions. (Science of Fun Stuff series ; Ready to Read series, level 3) Simon Spotlight, 2017. $3.99. ISBN 9781481479172. 48 Pages. Includes Table of Contents and Quiz. Ages 8-12. P 7 Q 8.

This non-fiction book is up to date on the scientific research on planets and information about space.  It is very relevant to read now with the solar eclipse coming on August 21, 2017, providing information about viewing and safety.  It also explains the sun, moon, planets, meteors, and lunar eclipses.  Using fun illustrations (no photographs) the reader is engaged in learning about space.

Verdict: It is a great book to make sure children are reading now to prepare for the eclipse and for students interested in space.

June 2017 review by Deborah Gwynn.



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