Book review: Dancing Bees and Other Amazing Communicators, by Mary Lindeen

Lindeen, Mary. Dancing Bees and Other Amazing Communicators.  (Searchlight Books. Animal Superpowers series) Lerner Publications, 2017. $13.10. ISBN 9781512425451. 40 pages. Includes glossary, “Learn More about Animal Communicators”, and index. Ages 8-14. P7 Q6.

The book starts with Humming Giraffes instead of the Dancing Bees. Maybe to add suspense, the author waits for the second chapter to explore the bees.  The Table of Contents was helpful in identifying the other animals that were to be explained in the book.  The index does not provide an extensive list of the all the animals explored in the book limiting the usefulness. The words in the glossary are not marked in the text also limiting the usefulness of the glossary to a reader.  The “Compare It!” pages provide amazing facts about additional species and how they communicate; however, the placement in the middle of the chapter interrupted the flow of the reading about a particular animal. There are websites listed in additional resources.

Verdict:  Animals are amazing and reading about them is fun.  As more of an entertaining informative book it is great, but it is not as useful of a non-fiction text for researching about animal communication.

May 2017 review by Deborah Gwynn.


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