Book review: The Magic Word, by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Elise Parsley

Barnett, Mac. The Magic Word. Illustrated by Elise Parsley. Balzer & Bray/HarperCollins Publishing, 2016. $17.99. ISBN: 0062354841. 40 pages. Picture book. Ages 4-8 years. P7 Q8

Paxton C. Heymeyer is a rambunctious boy still learning his manners. When his babysitter asks him to say the “magic word,” a world of opportunity opens. Paxton can have whatever he wishes when he says “alakazoomba.” Even with a robot butler, a pool in the living room and a card-playing elephant, Paxton finds it can be lonely when you have no friends to play with.

Verdict: This book lacks a strong message, but is great for children who have big imaginations. The illustrations are colorful and children will be engaged the entire time they are reading it.

December 2016 review by Victoria Harris.


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