Book review: School’s First Day of School, by Adam Rex, pictures by Christian Robinson

Rex, Adam. School’s First Day of School. Pictures by Christian Robinson. Roaring Brook Press, 2016. $17.99. ISBN 9781596439641. 40 pages. Ages preschool-grade 1. P7 Q8

This book starts off during the summer, when the school is built and the janitor gets the school ready for the first day of school. The school building is nervous for the children to show up. It shows the first day of school from the schools point of view. The book shares the school buildings feelings and thoughts as the children go through their first day. It is accurate for a typical day at an elementary school. The book is imaginative and colorful.

Verdict: This book is great for the first day of school. It is full of humor, yet the students will relate to the story. It can be used to help the students think about how common it is to feel a bit unsure the first day of school. This story will hold the interest of children. I recommend this book for classroom libraries and elementary school libraries.

December 2016 review by Tami Harris.


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