Book review: Little Fox, Lost, by Nicole Snitselaar, illustrated by Alicia Padron

Snitselaar, Nicole. Little Fox, Lost. Illustrated by Alicia Padron. Pajama Press, 2016. $15.95. ISBN: 1772780049. 32 pages. Picture book. Ages 3-6 years. P5 Q7

Little fox gets lost in the woods one day. A friendly owl offers to help him find his way home, but instead he remembers his mother’s advice and does not accept help from a stranger because she promised that if he was ever lost she would find him. As she promised, the mother fox finds her son and brings him home.

Verdict: This book has lovely illustrations and will likely keep the attention of young children who are being read to. This story has been translated from French, and it seems as though some of the significance of the story gets lost in translation. Instead of coming across as a book about a mother’s love it seems more to stress not accepting help from others.

December 2016 review by Victoria Harris.

[Editor’s note: This story’s protagonist, a resourceful little fox, gets lost, but remember’s his mother’s words about stranger danger and finds a safe place to wait until his mother comes to find him.  Cute subtly shaded watercolor pictures of the small fox among the snowy forest trees show other animals watching over the lost kit as he waits.]


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