Book review: Fairy Felicity’s Moonlight Adventure, by Alison Murray

Murray, Alison. Fairy Felicity’s Moonlight Adventure. Nosy Crow/Candlewick Press, 2016. $15.99. ISBN 9780763689452. 24 pages. Age 3-7. P9 Q10

Fairy Felicity receives a letter. She follows a snail to find out where the letter will lead her. Along the way, she meets different insects: a moth, butterfly, bee, and dragon fly which circle foxgloves, roses, daisies, and ivy. This leads her to her surprise. Each page has a silver, glitter line that can be touched as she tracks the snail trail through the story. Each page inspires curiosity as to where the snail is leading Felicity. This picture book has beautiful, colorful, and tactile illustrations.

Verdict: I smiled at the end of the book. The book is full of fairies, nature, imagination and curiosity. This book is good for discussion and prediction as to what the surprise will be. I highly recommend the book. A must have for an elementary school library or personal book collection.

December 2016 review by Tami Harris.


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