Book review: Papasaurus, by Stephan Lomp

Lomp, Stephan. Papasaurus. Chronicle Books, 2017. $16.99. ISBN 9781452144252. Unp. Ages 2-6. P8 Q6

Papasaurus is a follow-up to Mamasaurus, published in 2016. In Papasaurus, as in Mamasaurus, babysaurus has lost a parent. In this case, he has lost his Papa. He then proceeds to look for him by enlisting the help of his fellow dino-kids. Each young dinosaur who Babysaurus questions shares characteristics belonging to their own species. At the end of Babysaurus’ search, he realizes that his Papa was there all along. Lomp’s brightly hued characters are nicely contrasted against a black background. The baby dinosaurs have big eyes and friendly faces that will reassure nervous young children who may have fears associated with losing a parent.

Verdict: Papasaurus is very similar to Mamasaurus, though we do meet a new cohort of baby dinosaurs. Dinosaur fans will enjoy learning new facts about them while searching for Papasaurus. I would have liked to see the names of each dinosaur species included somewhere in the book.

April 2017 review by Lillian Curanzy.


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