Book review: Trees, by Lemniscates

Lemniscates. Trees. Candlewick, 2017. $14.99. unp. ISBN 978-0-7636-9001-4. Ages 3-5. P9Q9

Seasons, the purposes of trees (cleaning air, providing homes, shading, supplying food, etc.), and growth are highlighted with elegant mixed-media double-page illustrations. The environmental message ends with a child planting another tree while a chough (a black bird with a red beak), appearing on all the pages except the last one, watches him. The creator, a Barcelona collective, provides an anthropomorphic approach, and the book ends with the statement, “Trees cannot change their place in the world. So they are patient and learn to live where they are.”

Verdict: The superb graphic design and simple language, combined with basic concepts and environmentalism, make this peaceful, heart-warming book an excellent choice for pre-kindergarten children in their hectic worlds.

April 2017 review by Nel Ward.

[For further information on Lemniscates, see]



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