Book review: Let’s Visit the Ocean, by Jennifer Boothroyd

Boothroyd, Jennifer. Let’s Visit the Ocean. (Biome Explorers series) Lerner, 2017. $25.32. 32p. ISBN 9781512411942. Ages 5-8. (1st grade). Table of Contents, Glossary, Further Reading, Index.   P8 Q8

Living by the ocean and doing ocean units with students, I really enjoyed this book and the photographs. It includes table of contents, glossary, Further Reading, and index. An explanation of the term biome when first used in the book would have been useful, and kelp was identified as not being a plant but was included in the plant section. It did explain that kelp is algae. A teacher’s guide are resources are under Biome Explorers series at

Verdict:  It is a useful book in libraries to help students understand the ocean.

March 2017 review by Deborah Gwynn.


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