Book review: I See Ocean Animals series

I See Ocean Animals [Series]. Lerner, 2017. 24p. Ages 5-8. P8 Q8.

Each book in the series has a table of contents, parts of the book’s subject, picture glossary, and index. A teacher’s guide with student handout and resources is available at under the series name.

Some books in the series:

Kenan, Tessa. Look, a Starfish. $25.32. ISBN 9781512414233.

Quality photographs and simple sentence structure provide important facts about the starfish.

Verdict:  Although the book uses the older term, “starfish,” instead of the current term “sea star,” it is still a useful addition to a library.




Kenan, Tessa. Look, a Shark. $25.32. 24p. ISBN 978151241419.

For a primary-level reader, the photos of the great white shark are very frightening, almost like a scene out of Jaws, even though few sharks actually attack people. That facts in the book, however, are appropriate for the audience.

Verdict: It is a good non-fiction addition to a library, and students will enjoy reading it.

March 2017 review by Deborah Gwynn.


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