Book reviews: What Do You Know About Maps?, series by Rebecca Hirsch

What Do You Know about Maps? [Series]. Lerner. 2017. 40p. Ages 8-11. P6 Q8

This series explores a variety of map types. Books include table of contents, Fun Facts, glossary, Learning More Websites, and index. Resources and teacher’s guide with suggested activities are available at

Verdict: A great asset for classrooms, schools, and libraries—useful, fun, and relatable. Some books in the series:


Hirsch, Rebecca E. Using Political Maps. $30.65. 40p. ISBN 9781512409475

This informative non-fiction book explains the purpose, parts and use of political maps from ancient to modern with simple descriptions for more difficult concepts such as the prime meridian and equator. Colorful illustrations and questions keep the readers engaged, and the last chapter has a pretend adventure showing what can be learned from a political map.

Hirsch, Rebecca E. Using Climate Maps. $29.47. 40p. ISBN 9781512409505

Using the scenario of planting a garden, the book explains the importance of understanding the climate and climate maps. The language clarifies challenging concepts such as hemispheres, and latitude, and illustrations are colorful and well labelled. It was fun to see a Plant Hardiness Zone Map that was done by Oregon State University near where I live. Thought provoking questions on almost every page keep readers engaged, and the last chapter asks the reader to analyze Iowa to see if the climate is appropriate for planting a garden.

March 2017 reviews by Deborah Gwynn.


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