Book review: Connect with Electricity series

Connect with Electricity [Series]. Lerner, 2017. 40p. Ages 9-12. P7 Q8

The books in this series outline the workings of electrical components work. Each book has a table of contents, Solve It! Answer Key, glossary, bibliography, Further Information, and index. Additional resources at listed under the Connect with Electricity series provide a teacher guide with student handout and ways to extend understanding. Verdict: Students of all ages can learn about these concepts in science books definitely recommended for teachers and school libraries. Some books in the series:


Roland, James. How LEDs Work. $30.65. ISBN 9781512407808.

This informative book about LEDs explains how they were invented and work as well as the difference between the traditional light bulbs. Two extended understanding questions give possible answers in the Solve It, Answer Key at the end of the book. A suggested experiment demonstrates the difference between standard bulbs and LEDs. Excellent illustrations explain LEDs and the visible spectrum of light. The narrative provides a comprehensible explanation of these concepts.


Christensen, Victoria G. How Batteries Work. $30.65. ISBN 9781512407815.

This kid-friendly non-fiction book explaining batteries and how they work begins with the background of electricity and progresses through the scientific process and development of the battery through examples of the Mars Rovers and battery operated cars as well the history of the first voltaic pile as the first battery. Photographs, well labelled diagrams, and engaging “solve it” questions engage readers and help them understand. The book finishes with the research in self-driving cars. 

March 2017 reviews by Deborah Gwynn.


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