Book review: A Friend Like You, by Andrea Schomburg and Barbara Röttgen, illustrated by Sean Julian

Schomburg, Andrea, and Barbara Röttgen. A Friend like You. Illustrated by Sean Julian. Little Tiger Press, 2016. $16.99. ISBN 9781680100310. Unpaged.  Ages 4-8 years. P8 Q8

Squirrel and Bird become friends. Bird flies down and lands next to Squirrel. Squirrel offers Bird a variety of things and each time Bird replies that he has never tried it before. Bird tries what Squirrel offers him and ends up liking it. In the end, Bird stays with Squirrel and enjoys the things that Squirrel likes along with the things that he likes. This book was originally published in Great Britain.

Verdict: The illustrations are fun and whimsical. This is cheerful story about trying new things and being friends with someone who is different from you. This is a good book for character education. It emphasizes kindness, sharing, and accepting individuality. I recommend this book for elementary and classroom libraries.

January 2017 review by Tami Harris.

[Editor’s note: A warm and simple story of two animals with different backgrounds and tastes, who, through shared kindnesses, become friends.]


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