Book review: The Lincoln Project, by Dan Gutman

Gutman, Dan. The Lincoln Project. (Flashback Four series) Harper, 2016. $16.99. ISBN 978-0-06-237441-7. 224 p. Gr. 3 – 7. P9Q7

gutman-lincoln-projectLuke, Julia, David, and Isabel are recruited to be Miss Z’s time travelers.  She wants to collect pictures from historic events and has invented a time machine.  This time machine will allow travelers to return once to a momentous event in history where the four travelers can snap a picture.  For the first time-traveling event Miss Z selects President Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address.  The travelers meet with some struggles and don’t end up succeeding at their mission.

Verdict: This book ends on an edge-or-your-seat cliff hanger.  I’m not fond of that device.  If I spend money on a book, I want the complete story, not one that ends with “If you want to know how this ends, you’ll have to buy my next book.”  Aside from the ending, the book is a satisfying read.  There are historic facts embedded in the narrative, so a young reader will get a sense of the event.  There’s also enough action to keep a reader engaged.

October 2016 review by Shelly Jones.


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