Book review: The Homemade Stuffing Caper, by John Madormo

Madormo, John. The Homemade Stuffing Caper. (Charlie Collier Snoop For Hire series, mystery #1) Philomel Books, 2012. $15.99. ISBN 978-0-399-25543-4. 248 p. Gr. 5 and up. P8Q8

madormo-homemade-stuffing-caperCharlie opens his own detective agency in his parents’ garage.  He wants to put his puzzle solving skills to good use and follow in the footsteps of his favorite fictional detective, Sam Solomon.  Soon Charlie is involved in a mystery that contains real danger and he needs his grandma, two school friends, and a former real-life spy to help.

Verdict: For readers who like mysteries and adventures this is the book.  It is the first in a series that now contains three books.  The author’s style includes details that enhance the narrative and keep the reader engaged.  I found the descriptions of Eugene’s office, an exact replica of Sam Solomon’s office, to be implausible.  The character of Eugene could have easily been introduced to the story without that unbelievable feature and his obsession with Sam Solomon.

October 2016 review by Shelly Jones.


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